About us

About EHS

The history of European Horse Services begins with the ambition of one man, Filip Vande Cappelle. After working many years as a leading figure in the transportation industry, he wanted to widen his horizon by combining his years of experience in transport with his childhood love for horses. That is how in 1991 European Horse Services came to be. Even though initially EHS was working from small-scale basis, it has nowadays grown into a specialized logistics company. With a team of experts who have been loyal to the same principles and values that can be traced back to EHS’ foundations, we are able to say:

“Shipping is not only our business, it is our passion.” 

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European Horse Services (EHS) is your reliable partner for shipping horses worldwide.  
We offer full stable-to-stable services and guide you trough all import and export procedures. 

Safety and welfare of your horse is our #1 priority.

Our facility offers 106 boxes for horses in isolation or quarantine, with all modern specification and turnout possibilities.  The equestrian center is officially approved of by the Ministry of Agriculture for import and export quarantaine.

106 stables in 13 units

Solarium and washing facilities

Indoor arena

5 outdoor paddocks

6 ha grazing area

2 horse walkers

24/7 supervision

In-house veterinarian and farrier

Road Transport

  • Specially designed partitions that can be altered to the many different types of horses
  • Safe and easy accessible front-and-back loading ramps with lowered entrance
  • Satellite navigation system
  • Onboard computers for efficient communication
  • Monitoring of the horses through cameras in the cabin
  • Fresh water and haysupply onboard
  • Airconditioning/heating & ventilation systems for more comfort
  • Rubber and springy floors
  • Drivers with years of experience in horse transportation

Air transport

Air Stalls

When transporting your horses by air & road, our absolute priority is the horse's safety and wellbeing. We only cooperate with the best and most reliable airlines out there so we can transport your horse from one continent to another in the safest manner possible.

If your horse is a first time traveller or if it is less comfortable with flying, then we recommend to travel your horse in a 'double stall'. This is where two horses are put in one air stall, known as business class.

Is your horse comfortable with flying, then your horse can easily travel in triple position. This is also the most economic solution for you, since there are three horses travelling together in one air stall in economy class.

During the flight, the horses are well taken care of and checked regularly by the attending grooms. They make sure there is plenty of water and hay available for the precious passengers. And if there would be a problem, they have the experience and knowledge to intervene in the right manner.


Our accompanying grooms have years of experience in working with horses and transporting them. That is why we send our own EHS-groom with every shipment of horses to keep an eye on your horse during the flight.


For shows, events or the transportation of a large number of horses, we at EHS can arrange a charter for you. EHS will arrange everything for you, from the transport to the airport, to the required documents for the flight. We work together with the best, first class airlines to guarantee the best and cheapest solution for you. That is why every year, EHS is chosen as a partner in great events, like the Grand Slam Masters, World Cup Las Vegas and diverse national horse federations.