Export: Destinations

Export: Destinations

You wish to export a horse ? EHS will gladly assist you further.
EHS will examine together with you the various steps and will arrange all required shipping documentation and road transportation if required closely monitoring the entire process.

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1. Quarantine:

European Horse Services is a full service export company that can transport your horses to all continents all over the world.

When importing or exporting horses, specific blood tests, vaccinations and possibly quarantine are required and need to be arranged. EHS is specialized taking care of all these requirements for you.

Not all countries require pre-export quarantine and/or quarantine upon arrival, but for those destinations where this would be required, we at European Horse Services have our own quarantine stables to your availability.

2. Blood testing and vaccinations:

European Horse Services can arrange all the necessary blood testing for the horses that are going to leave the European Union. We can organize this at our own stables (horses in quarantine) or from your stable; or you can arrange this yourself from your own stable under supervision of your own veterinary.

For the required vaccinations for your horse, we work closely together with our own specialized horse veterinary. He visits daily to do the necessary check-ups so we can guarantee that your horse is in great health.


We also work together with Böse Laboratory in Harsum, Germany, to guarantee a quick and correct follow-up of the blood results of your horse.

3. Required Documents:

Health Certificate

We always organize the health certificate(s) for your horse in a quick and correct manner. The original documents travel with the horse in our personalised document bags.

Customs Documents

In case of customs clearance, our staff is experienced in arranging and processing these documents for you. Because of the strict supervision by customs, these documents are handled with great attention to detail. These documents also travel with the horses in the document bags to guarantee a fluent exit of the horses.


Every horse needs a passport for import or export, so please make sure that this document accompanies your horse at all times.