Message from our COO, Bruce Hillewaert

Dear Customers,


First of all, we hope that you and your loved ones are, and remain, healthy and safe during these exceptional times!

Unfortunately we are still facing a challenge unseen in our industry but the measures taken by various governments throughout the world seem to have made a positive impact on the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Several countries have started to decrease the lockdown which can only lead to positive things for our industry.

However, we do want to give you an update on the possibilities that we are currently able to offer you in regards to horse transportation worldwide:

  • Transport from EU to the USA is still possible and options for flights have been increasing again in the last weeks.
  • Transport from EU to Canada is currently not possible due to airlines that are not accepting horses on board.
  • Transport from EU to South America is still possible for most countries but with various restrictions concerning the flight attendants.
  • Transport from EU to Asia is still possible for many countries but for some there are still issues that prevent us for transporting horses (e.g. China and Japan).
  • Transport from EU to Africa is still possible for most destinations expect for South Africa.
  • Transport from EU to the Middle East is still possible for most destinations. - Transport from various countries into the EU is still possible.
  • Transport (professional) between various EU countries is, and has always been, possible.

As you can read from all the above, the main issues remain the flight attendants which are not allowed on board for various destinations and various airlines that do not accept live animals on board (specifically horses).

We recommend that you contact our office or one of your known contacts from the EHS team if you have questions in regards to export to a certain country. The conditions change daily and what is not possible today could well be possible tomorrow!

We also encourage you to keep following us on our Facebook and Instagram page on which we will keep you informed!

We remain at your service and our team, even in these exceptional times, will do their utmost best to get your horses safely transported to their final destination taking in mind the needed precautions for the safety and wellbeing of the horses and all people involved in this process!


That leaves me with just one more thing,

Stay safe, stay strong and above all stay healthy!

Best regards,

Bruce Hillewaert,


Author: Bruce Hillewaert  Source: Bruce Hillewaert  Copyright picture: Bruce Hillewaert
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