A letter from Filip Vande Cappelle, Founder and CEO of EHS

Dear EHS Client,

I do hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe in the challenging circumstances that we are currently facing. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic (or should we say paindemic?) has had a tremendous effect on all of us, our communities and the equestrian world we normally live in.

Although most airlines are currently only offering a limited amount of flights a week – or have stopped operations completely – we at EHS are trying to keep routes open where possible, although the travel restrictions for people (horse attendants !) have big consequences for horse transportation. In all of this our number one priority is the health and safety of our customers, their horses and our employees.

I want you to know that you are a highly valued customer to us and we are very sorry if plans for your horse’s travel have been or will still be affected by the situation. Just like the whole air transport industry, we are experiencing tremendous restrictions through existing cargo channels, but I can assure you that our team are working very hard and doing our best to find solutions for everyone. We will take care of your horses’ travel arrangements now and in the time to come.

Our most important task now is to work together, wherever we are in the world, to fight the pandemic. The best way according to experts is to stay at home. That is an unusual position for you and us to be in. Our business is about offering logistics solutions for horses, providing opportunities for sport, recreation and travel and facilitating international relations, travel and trade. That is and will remain our passion.

Through the nearly 30-year history of European Horse Services, we have learned that we always need to be prepared for the unexpected. Whether it is the forces of nature, changes in global economy, pandemics or other factors, I know we will get through these challenges as we have done before. It is only a matter of time, and once this nightmare is over, we cannot wait to be part of your new intentions and plans. I am personally convinced that our equestrian industry will be prospering again in the future, stronger and better than ever before.

In the meantime, please take care of yourself and your loved ones. The EHS Team look forward to welcoming you and your horses again soon.


Yours Sincerely,

Filip Vande Cappelle,

Founder and CEO of EHS.

Author: Filip Vande Cappelle  Source: Filip Vande Cappelle  Copyright picture: Filip Vande Cappelle
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