UPDATE: Special regulations for horses from and to UK

Below you find an updated version of the import & export procedures for horses travelling between EU and the UK, following the Trade Agreement that has been achieved between the parties.

This document can be used, distributed and published but only on condition that the source is credited.

EHS is happy to announce that, together with our partners in the UK, we have developed an equine corridor between our facilities in Belgium (located just over an hour from Calais) and the south of England to ease the shipment of horses.

Options are available for customs clearance; export health certificates (for Great Britain and/or EU Traces); road transport (collection/delivery); ferry- or train reservations; registration & certification in EU of UK based companies, trucks and drivers.

Further details are available from our office.





Horse movements between EU and UK from 1st January 2021

Auteur: Filip Vande Cappelle  Source: EHS  Copyright photo: EHS
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